Linda Benjamin, LCSW, ACSW, ACCH


My ideal client would be someone who wants to work on her/his/their personal growth and happiness. Someone who knows I'm not a guru, but an experienced clinician who can assist them in finding their strengths and using the same baby-steps they used in the past to bring a goal or a dream to fruition.


I would listen carefully, teasing out strengths, even if my client was not consciously aware of their strengths. Then, I would help them devise a realistic plan that assisted them in taking small steps toward their goal/s.


If you're interested in working on personal growth in a collaborative relationship, I would be delighted to support you. If you feel something is blocking you, we can use hypnotherapy to set aside old negative beliefs or whatever else may be impeding you. I think you will find my authentic style of relating conducive to reaching your goal/s.