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Josette Day, LCSW


At some point in our lives we all experience difficult circumstances and feelings.  Health issues, relationship difficulties, losses, grief, and trauma are common events that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or stuck and unable to move forward.  


In a trusting, collaborative relationship you can work through these difficult events and feelings to heal, grow and change in meaningful and transformative ways.  A safe space allows you to better understand yourself, make changes when necessary and develop more effective coping strategies to better face life’s challenges.  My goal is to help you grow and change in significant ways to help you be well and stay well. 


I am Licensed Clinical Social worker with over 20 years experience working with adults, adolescents and couples.  My areas of special interest include: anxiety, depression, women’s issues, relationship difficulties, stress/wellness, life transitions, personal growth, grief and loss.


A graduate of Michigan State University, I completed my Master’s in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago.  Currently, I am completing a doctoral program in Clinical Social Work at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago.


I am the founder and owner of Be Well Counseling & Wellness.

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